1 – 5 Jive
by on August 25, 2017 8:48 AM in NEWS

On september 16. 2017 we will release our new album „1 – 5 Jive“.
If our last album „Cutting Out“ was a trip to the riviera, our new album takes us back into the garage.
We are super busy trying to arrange everything to have it available in time.
We are also working on several videos. Right now we have finished the first one: Ringtingeling.
Filming with no budget we shot most of it on a cheap gopro imitation. Which was not very old school but a lot of fun!

We also got a lot of videos from you people for the 1 – 5 Jive video but are having a bit of a hard time putting that together.
But as Big Jay says: It´l be something:)

Stay tuned for more nonsense videos.