RCHC PAris bear kl

Hey all, just some months ago I made a bet that we wouldn´t be allowed to do any shows in

September 27, 2021
Turky Balajo

It felt like we were the last band on earth that hadn´t made a Bopflix recording session yet. Well, we

Oktober 29, 2019
Tommy Shak
Release date is set

On November 15th we will release our new album. This is going to sound different from all the others. We

Oktober 29, 2019
Guitar returned after 3 years

Ready for some good news? 3 years ago my beloved old guitar was stolen. Now somebody contacted me and said

Oktober 29, 2019
Wenn Fliegen Träumen

We are thrilled that our music made it into another movie. WENN FLIEGEN TRÄUMEN is directed by the wonderful Katharina

Juli 8, 2019
Big Jay 2
RIP Big Jay McNeely

Even though Big Jay was way older than us, we somehow thought that he would be around forever. This year

Mai 2, 2019
RIP André Williams

In 2006 we had the luck to play with André Williams. We are very sad to hear he is gone

März 18, 2019
LP Cover 1 to 5 jive Fornt
1 – 5 Jive

On september 16. 2017 we will release our new album „1 – 5 Jive“. If our last album „Cutting Out“

August 25, 2017
beste freunde

It is great to see that Jonas Grosch, a director we knew for a while now, is on his unstoppable

Januar 18, 2016
Paris Blues

Imagine a movie scene in a swinging little Jazz cellar in the heart of Paris. You might get romantic and

Januar 18, 2016