by on September 27, 2021 3:15 PM in NEWS

Hey all,
just some months ago I made a bet that we wouldn´t be allowed to do any shows in 2021. And thanks god I was wrong. We´ve played in Le Mans, in Trebsen, and we´ve just returned from Paris. And it was like the end of corona celebration that I had always hoped for. Like it had never happened.
I guess Corona is not really over, but these events gave hope that we will soon or later all go back to the one and only normal there is. And that is people dancing and enjoying music and life together. Corona had a big effect on everything and we are now coming back with a slightly changed line up.
We now got Jimmy Maxwell (seen on the picture below) on Bass, and it seems like we are out of a trumpet again.
We are now getting ready for a short mini tour in spain with 4 shows in 3 days. And there is more coming up this year. Let´s all keep fingers crossed for a good 2022.